1 Consult to professionals

Consult your family doctor or consultants to check if you are suitable for an allergy test.

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2 Proceed with AILergy Allergy test

Through 1 ml of blood sample

No need to stop any medications

Fasting is not required

Test conducted by accredited laboratory in Austria

IVD and CE Accredited

7-10 days turnaround time

Suitable for children and adults

3 Allergen Avoidance

Our team specializes on how to avoid those allergens and you are encouraged to discuss with your family doctors for more precise explanations.


How is AILergy different than other allergy test options?

AILergy is one of the most advanced allergy test platforms in the world, backed by more than a decade of innovation. Unlike most of other allergy tests, AILergy provides a comprehensive allergy test using the latest technology of this generation– IgE Components.

Are there any restrictions on what I can eat before the test?

No! Proper allergy tests do not require the customer to take or stop consuming any food before the test.